Only 5 spots left for 2023!

Speak with our clarity coach today about working with Jesse One on One!

This is my most intimate and powerful container.
Twelve months of personalized, in-depth, high-end coaching,

just you and me.

All of my 1:1 clients get radical results in their businesses, and experience profound transformation in their lives.

Here are a few testimonials from this powerful work

"I was in an enrollment slump, hitting about 5k/month. Since we started working together I have enrolled $100k + in contracts every month and deposited at least 50-100k a month, while spending more time with my family than ever before."


Demi McConkie
Founder of Wealthy Women Now

"I couldn’t scale to the next level within my current operating system. Jesse came into my life in a very synchronistic way, and as soon as I said yes to working with JJC, it just blew the lid off. I completely upleveled the price of my offering, because in the moment I was willing to pay a lot more money for the support, that was the moment I believed people would be willing to pay more money for my services. It is absolutely, absolutely the way.

In the first month that we worked together, I brought in around 50,000.
In the second month that we worked together, I brought in 90,000.
In the third month, I hit my goal of bringing in $188,000…
while in Sardinia enjoying myself at the beach."


Tiffany Carole
Master Teacher, Creator of Aroma Point Therapies

"In three short months of working with you, I launched a new business and made $160,000 in revenue - by working part-time with companies that I love and believe in. In truth, it’s been hard for me to even recognize it as a success because it’s the easiest thing I’ve ever done."


Kate LaBrosse
Holistic Healing Advocate, author, and speaker

Right now I have a handful of limited spots for

12-month clients in 2023.

These slots are open to people who want high-end, surgical eyes on their business - this is action-based coaching for fast results.

Sign up while you can IF you are…

  • Serious about exponential change

  • ​Willing to do the work to get there

  • ​Independently motivated and self-aware

  • ​Excited to grow and able to sit with discomfort

  • ​Going for 7-figures (or multiple 7 figs) in 2023

  • ​Ready to go big quickly - with ease, integrity, and grace

  • ​Open to working in collaboration with God

In addition to our active sessions together, you’ll be consistently held in a container of unwavering faith. I know that the level of transformation you can access over the course of twelve months is staggering. If you want it, you will create the business of your wildest dreams, gain the skill to bring in as much money as you want and need (whenever you want and need it) and transform every area of your life to align with massive expansion.

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