Fear of Cold Calling?

Knowing how to cold call is a key to financial & business success.

To help you develop this skill and release the fear you have around cold calling, I’ve created a worksheet that you can use (and re-use) any time you’re calling a potential client.

  • Discover how you can better serve prospective clients
  • Envision challenges that may arise before you even start cold calling.
  • Gain confidence in your offers and your ability to communicate those offers.

Click below to download a FREE Unblock Your Fear Worksheet from Jesse Johnson Coaching and start mapping out your next cold call.


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It’s a gift that has not only allowed me to build my own multi-million dollar company from scratch (in only 24 months), but also support my clients as they do the same.

Jesse Johnson, founder and CEO of her own multi-million dollar personal development company, helps ambitious, soulful, and service based entrepreneurs add a 0 to their monthly income with clarity, ease, and efficiency.

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