Bold, Authentic,  Self Expression:

A Guided Meditation

Relax deeply, connect to your deepest, truest self, and open up the channels to fully expressing yourself on every level - including financially!

Let yourself soften, surrender, and really go deep with this one.

This powerful Guided Meditation is for you if:

   You struggle to fully express - or even know - your deepest desires

   You have a belief that if you share your truth, you’ll be punished in some way

   You have a belief that you have to struggle and hide and handle *everything* on your own

This practice will guide you through an efficient and powerful inner exploration designed specifically to create an inner shift that will allow you to fully express your boldest and most authentic self.

Jesse Johnson, founder and CEO of her own multi-million dollar personal development company, helps ambitious, soulful, and service based entrepreneurs add a 0 to their monthly income with clarity, ease, and efficiency.

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